19s alive and well on Turtle WoW Private Server


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Recently the 19s bracket has emerged on this little PvE private server and it's been mechanically very accepting of the idea. No separate brackets for xp, you can queue from anywhere in the world, you can lock off xp or just slow it down if you'd prefer, and there are even two custom races (goblins and high elves) with custom racials (all goblins have a sprint ability that disables casting and attacking while active; high elves regenerate their second bar on a channel, mana rage or energy).

Additionally, there's custom items and quests and a number of those happen to benefit the bracket. Better gloves, shoulders, multiple helms, and all the tricky and interesting ways to gear that you remember from vanilla. Trailblazer Boots, Glacial Stone, Talbar Mantle, Engineering Cloak, all those oddball, out-of-the-way, OP items you could pull off with tricky manipulations and research are there and the bracket pops off. It's the closest I've felt on any server, retail or private, to the old vanilla 19's experience.

The server has had a few good players but overall the skill level is lacking. A few good 19s from Vengeance or other battlegroups would do some work.
i tried turtle wow just to lvl to 60 without dying. the end game feels dead unless u want to do raids where people want you to farm flasks and get all world buffs on raids you arent progressing. Pvp at endgame is also just av but with no pvp at all just run to end and kill boss cause its fully progressed. World feels dead overall.

19 bgs seem to pop less than retail 20-29 xpoff bracket and u get in there with less than 10 people.

for private server twinking its better to go on project ascension and try and be toxic there with the prestige system.

Turtle wow other than the leveling with new quests and immortal challenge its a hard pass.

If turtle wow did a fresh start server it might make sense. Otherwise u have some dude in full Nax gear wanting you to show effort for molten core which is on farm by getting consumables etc. No pvp at end game.
New pve dungs and raids however.

If you roll with a full guild and want to progress together it would be fun.

Do not twink there its a waste of time.

Unless you are making an open world low level twink and wanna gank ( and spend most of the time just waiting around for victims).
Eh, I get plenty of pops nowadays, rarely see bored 19s just roaming around pvping. The scene is fairly young, about 3-4 months of real action. No idea how it compares to retail; I gave up giving blizz my money when they kept telling me I didn't have an account and then saying my account existed when logging in, so pservers for me.

Endgame scene is in flux right now since the main euro guild imploded, but there's a lot of different flavors of endgame raiding guild now for different timezones. The US naxx guild is exactly as you described, unfortunately, but I've had good luck with two different EU groups.
Well I'm reposting here. There's currently two larger twink guilds on this one private server as well as some minor 19 presences in other guilds.

Had about a dozen games over 4 hours just today. Horde won more than lost, but neither side was truly dominant until towards the end of the night. The community here is really springing up and we're seeing a lot of different builds and teams cropping up.

Server pop is over 10k at peak and they're separating off another server to help manage the pop.
Endgame raiding is currently naxx on farm but there's two custom raids coming out in the near future for people who want some 60s with their 19s.
I’d be willing to at least check it out and look into the gearing process, are there discords or resources available?
I’d be willing to at least check it out and look into the gearing process, are there discords or resources available?

Here's something to get you started.

Database, like wowhead: https://database.turtle-wow.org/
Custom items: https://database.turtle-wow.org/?items=-500
Custom quests*: https://database.turtle-wow.org/?quests=-44
"Best and optimal gear for 10-19 twinks": https://forum.turtle-wow.org/viewtopic.php?t=4714

Combine these resources with your favorite Classic guide.

* Some quests state that they're available for both factions but that may not be the case, verify the faction of the quest giver NPC.
Is the 19s still active as I’m looking at getting back to the 19 scene without grinding on the WoTLK Classic servers right now

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