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US 109 Timewalking Groups?

Discussion in 'Level 100-109' started by norcal313, Sep 25, 2017.

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    Each timewalking event presents the opportunity for those of us with 109 BG twinks to get some 815 gear for those hard to fill armor slots.

    That being said, I have ran roughly 30 dungeons now with nary a single 815 warforged drop for the slots I need.

    I'd love to queue with other 109 twinks, at least we could be helping each other out by trading stuff we don't need. I'll bump this thread each TW event to try and garner some interest.

    Battle tag is in sig, currently gearing up an Alliance 820-ish 109 paladin that I can dps or tank with. Hit me up!
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    Bump for panda TW

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