1. scrow666

    20s F2P achivments, fishing and more.

    Generally i want to ask your ideas of what can we do f2p with our 20lvl twinks other than PVP and gear up. In my case i farm some of the world events (even the micro ones i think they are the best) and with farm i mean that i gather some pets, mounts and achievements. I do the Anglers rep for...
  2. Monkeyflip

    Reputation Guide - what is possible for 20-29s?

    Reputation Guide [WORK IN PROGRESS] - missing Battle of Azeroth. This guide contains all reputations that I've been able to achieve, and plan to achieve, whilst being a level 27. This guide is made simple so everyone can have an idea of how many Factions they can reach Exalted with. If you're...
  3. Search for f2p Reputation guide in SL

    Hello all, I searched for a f2p reputation guide but didn’t find one. Since the level squish in SL it should be possible to get exalted with approximately 25-30. Which one are possible and how to gain exalted. It would be very helpful if someone can help with this issue.
  4. Brilliant

    Hi there ! A lil' heads up rep wise!

    Hi thought i'd just give someone a headsup rep wise about the faction: "The Wardens" There is a way to get reputation with them on low level aswell. AFAIK you can get rep from doing elite Invasion mobs that has WQ's tied to them. (Haven't tested this myself, wowhead comments. Might not work on...
  5. KPI

    General US-Horde (Glowcap Festival) Farm, get your sporeggarr rep

    Starting Farm 10am PST 5/27/20, can assist anyone with interest. You will need to get your character to Zangarmarsh. Add Btag; OrangoTango#11704
  6. Anexa

    [Classic WoW] Flex your exalted WSG tabard

    Anyone who loves their twink so much so they are exalted with WSG yet!? If so, then post a screenshot of you wearing Warsong Battle Tabard / Silverwing Battle Tabard on your twink with your name and preferably your guild name showing. _______ I personally don't have it yet :(
  7. Quint

    EU+US Tabard of the Lorewalkers

    Hello! I plan to acquire the Lorewalkers Tabard for my 20 rogue, it would perfectly fit to my transmog. I already unlocked the Grand Commendation of the Lorewalkers. My rogue is human, so I enjoy the benefit of Diplomacy. Sadly there aren't any timewalking badges connected to the Lorewalkers...
  8. EU+US Faction reputation

    My 101 Frost DK has skinning and alchemy for professions since I will be skinning and using the bloods on Prolonged Power. My question is, how do I get reputation with Nightfallen as a twink? Is it even possible? I was thinking of getting rank 3 on it to further increase my profits.
  9. Liarea

    General MOP & WOD Reputation Guide [All Brackets]

    [Last updated Patch 6.2.4] Foreword I'll be the first one to admit, with the introduction of account-wide achievements, reputation grinding and achievement farming became less interesting on our twink toons. Regardless, some of us do still enjoying racking up a large number of exalted...
  10. Liarea

    WoD Tabards - Obtainable?

    Yelluh, So I'm exalted with all the WoD factions on my lvl 70. Naturally, I swung by the faction vendors in Warspear to find out that I have to be lvl 90 to equip those tabards (Really blizz?). Then, I found out that the tabards for the factions that was added in the HFC patch does not...
  11. EU+US The Lorewalkers, need help<3

    Hi, i'm currently revered to this reputation (13560/21000), i've found all the artfacts, and now? I receive 9 quests by the mailbox but i can't use them (higher lvl required). If someone know how to do? Thank you<3
  12. Crodys

    EU+US All reputations?

    Since all the old stuff is gone, could someone maybe put a list on here with all available reps at 20? - Ty Crody
  13. Crodys

    EU+US WoD Reps

    Hey, im wondering which reputations i can get to exalted in draenor and how? (alliance) - Ty Crody