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  • @Manny I don't get on this shit anymore, but was told you posted so had to get on and say hi... So HI :D
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    Haha bro, I so feel that. I'm checking the game out again, playing in this 3v3 arena tourney. I don't think WoW will ever be like before.
    @Drizzt Do'Urden Alright cool, thanks. I would only be interested in coming back if actual games happen, not pugs / plebmades. Just bored.
    If you come alliance almost all your games will be lvler stomps, horde needs more twinks
    Kinda interested in coming back if actual games happen. Been really bored lately. :/
    Does the 20s bracket have enough guilds that they actually premade each other or do they just plebmade?
    I remember when TI drama use to actually be entertaining to read. What the fuck has happened?
    Gaming can do amazing things. In a 4 hour block on GuardianCon stream people have donated almost $800k. All together 3.5 million in a week.
    I have to admit, after seeing the LeBron news and being a fan of the Lakers since July of 2018, I am really excited.
    I have beta as well and didn’t have a single clue until last week.
    I don't know anything about that. I;m sure it will get fixed if there is. I haven't used the market yet so I can't really give an answer.
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