Viability of these classes


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Looking to see if these classes are viable in the 29 bracket:

Shaman dps specs at 29
Fire mage at 29
feral druid at 29

looking to play something a little different but I’ve never done any twinking at 29. I’m on westfall atm if that matters any.

1)Feral druid = weak version of rogue(with some utility)/ Play rogue if you like this tipe of gameplay.
2)Firemage strong, but require specific/good gear. Glass canon almost full sp gear, can dps really hard.
3)Enhance shaman rare nowadays dont know why? in classic/tbc has good dps/survivability, but disappear in wotlk. Maybe because
tank build can live longer and has more option.
to be clear dont have any of this class us 29 twink, its more experience about play against this class on bg.

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