High populated F2P server in EU?


Hi all,

Posting this thread, because I can't find the answer by searching. I've been visiting this forum for a couple of months now, really loving it!

So far I've only been playing on my "old" server with basically about 1 other F2P...

I'd like to create another char, but this time on a server with more F2P players (using the F2P-addon). I was considering joining AP, but due to time zones I'd prefer an European server.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!
Twisting Nether has a very large f2p community that is particularly busy from 3.00 GMT. The community is extremely friendly so should have no problem getting involved with group bgs or arenas and we can even help you gear up as you level. Hope this helps.
Twisting nether if u wanna go ally and if u wanna go horde then Aggramar has good community
There are actually more servers mentioned than that. Why didn't you mention those?

I myself have only played in the 2 servers I mentioned. I don't know what type of activity is on the other servers, how regularly people log on, etc.

I don't think I'm in the position to talk about servers I've never had the chance to play on. Hopefully, someone with experience of those servers will be able to fill us in! :)

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