Do you guys often encounter LFG people who get mad at you for running a dungeon "too fast"?

Was levelling a toon in TBC dungeons and ran into a group of twinks a few times who were likely farming socket gear. They just killed the bosses they needed. They were fast so I couldn't loot some of the killed bosses (because I suppose they were out of range when killed). At the end of the dungeon they kicked out levellers before they could turn their quests in.
I'm not surprised if levellers are mad after such experience or, as a result, when they get in a group with possibly any twink next time.
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TW dungeons have different mob/boss scaling and difficulties based on expac. i noticed it most on my 20s after DF prepatch.
BFA dungeons unless something has changed are the most difficult, ironicly that's where new to WOW players are placed by Blizzard. another thing you have to consider is mixed level players with higher level abilities/talents

dungeon/questing player experience and learning classes was lost over a decade ago. WOD has been well talked about for years even after objective XP was cut, it's the fastest expacs to level. it's the main reason players go there, including new to WOW on their second players. that's why after having gone thru BFA leveling they are the ones predom saying "WTF is going on here?" in WOD dungeons. the classic, BC, WOTLK are also easy. Legion depending which one are slightly harder. SL dungeons involve more trash control, but still not as hard as BFA

the reason WOD dungeons are getting attention of twinks all levels is the WF gear and word is out that if you want fast leveling que WOD dungeons. during SL the word was out about twinks predom queing BC dungeons for socket gear.

abilities that some low level classes have at 10 is what is breaking. there are alot of 10 classes/specs you do not see doing the speed runs. the trinket exploit also enables the ability to blow thru for some low levels that without it could not be done. to get that their key class power ability you see arc mages at 11 (most stay 10), guardian at 11, fury wars at 14, etc.

today i was in a group with my 10 monk (made a few days back) just going thru, not blowing thru. not built for that and no trink. the healer got mad and stated, "why am i a healer, no one needs heals" and left after the first boss. we never got a healer rest of dungeon. at the end i looked at who we had and it made sense the three DPS were all in their 50s. DH, FDK, Fwar who all have alot of healing attacks, damage negation, more talents, passive leech etc.
While gearing my 10 Druid atm, noticing lots of people asking how Im doing so much damage and what Im doing. Often there is a person who will respond saying im a twink. This usually causes a series of questions into how and why im doing it which I answer as were running, but a common thing is that after talking to them they seem very interested in what a Twink is and the idea behind it and tell me they are going to make one in the future after leveling.

This has happened a handful of times but sometimes some people complain about it being to fast and that "we're" making content boring, which I mean I guess its true if you dont see it as a free xp boost.
Queued in on my hunter yesterday. Lvl 40 something tank was moving slow so I started smoking everything. Tank got mad and tried to kick me without even saying a word. Someone else called them out for it and the vote didnt go through. I apologized to the tank for offending them and not letting the run take 20 minutes longer. Then when they still didnt say a word, I told them I would end their suffering by blocking them so they wouldnt have to experience a run with me again. :)
I tank primarily in PvE & tbh, tanking lowbie dungeons is my favorite thing to do in all of WoW.
The very simple rule of thumb from my perspective is: If over-eager DPS pull too much, that's on them. I know every single pull in leveling dungeons up to & including SL, & I know what to expect;. Now that I've been doing this for years, I have the experience & confidence to allow them to pull to their hearts' content, ignoring their mobs deliberately to let them know that if they're going to play like that, they are on their own.
Yet still, every now & again someone comes along that just shits in my wheaties; & I have to lay it on em.
Stick on the tank & support them while keeping your eyes peeled for the unexpected. I mean, really... you oughtta know by now how this is supposed to go, & tone down the Twink zeal out of respect for naïve levelers.

Now... all reason is out the window if you're in a whole Twink run... then it's GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!! DPS race they whole way, but you know this already.

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