I fell in love with the bracket when I made Somfas, Nov 5th 2011 and have never loved any other bracket as much. The community is what keeps me here, love or hate, friend or foe, we are a family and seeing familiar names in BGs isn't something we find in many other brackets. Love me or hate me, love my playstyle or hate it, I can't and won't try and play to appease others and do not expect others to let me play their game for them. If you allow yourself to be molded into a "proper" playstyle and play your game according to what others say you should, then you may as well give them your account because it is no longer you playing the game, it is them playing it through you. Play until you laugh, laugh until your stomach hurts, have the most fun you can, it is a "game". I LOVE YOU ALL <3 Somfas the Scrub.


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