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  • LustWoW
    Blog: LustWoW's blog. By LustWoW at 6:28 AM.
    ---Main server (currently): Dalaran--- We're looking for more people in the 20-29 bracket for arenas, battlegrounds, wargames, gear runs, and whatever else you could think of. If you're interested, here's the discord link: https://discord.gg/ekeUNuv
  • Petyr
    Blog: Petyr's blog. By Petyr at 3:42 AM.
    *Was initially going to post this as a thread in 60-69 section, but I haven't found any definitive trends yet.* So, I've spent several hours farming Blackrock Depths for Dark Iron Ring / Fire Opal Necklace, in attempt to see the stat differences w/ this patch. Below, I've laid out what I've...
  • Petrolsk
    Blog: Petrolsk's blog. By Petrolsk at 5:02 PM.
    Quest: Zanza's Potent Potables A level 58 repeatable quest that will reward Swiftness of Zanza Binds when picked up Unique Requires Level 55 Use: Increases the player's run speed by 20% for 2 hr. You can only have the effect of one Zanza potion at a time. or Spirit of Zanza Binds when picked...
  • Petrolsk
    Blog: Petrolsk's blog. By Petrolsk at 4:51 PM.
    As I waited and waited for my SM group to come together I couldn't help but think how in demand tanks are. Literally you are needed at every level, in any dungeon. What better class for your main than a Warrior tank? If not simply for the fact you can form and lead groups at any time,...
  • Dukon
    Blog: Dukon's blog. By Dukon at 7:01 PM.
    Okay, this here is another blog post, made by me Dukon. (Their may be grammar mistakes / words) In this blog post, i will go over why i loved and still to this day, enjoy binge watching the Halloween Franchise. Okay so, we all have a childhood memeory of the scary movies, that gave us the most...
  • Petrolsk
    Blog: Petrolsk's blog. By Petrolsk at 6:43 PM.
    As I never played Vanilla, and started on BC, I figured I'd do a dry run to get familiar with my class. At level 31 different resources on the Internet say different things, and after dying many times trying to get to the DME gate was able to confirm that entry into Dire Maul East is gated at...
  • Petrolsk
    Blog: Petrolsk's blog. By Petrolsk at 6:29 PM.
    I posted a thread to gauge the twinking community's interest on what a 59 Twink is capable of in Classic. This blog's purpose or intent is to catalog my trials, and for when that day comes, what is needed to make a BIS twink possible at level 59.
  • Jan
    Blog: Trollguden's blog. By Trollguden at 10:34 AM.
    I've recently played more and more in the 19s bracket and surprisingly I've actually started to like it again... no, you didn't read the wrong, I actually like the legion 19 bracket atm. How's that for a fact to start the weekend with? I'm not sure what it is that makes it so much more fun than...
  • Sponsor
    Blog: Sponsor's blog. By Sponsor at 10:34 PM.
    Hey guys! We felt like wizards today and decided to conjure some food for the party! [ATTACH] And the recipe [ATTACH] Dough didn't rise as much as we had hoped but the final product was still delicious!
  • Voc
    Blog: Voc's blog. By Voc at 5:18 PM.
    from the time i was talking, it was clear i loved cars.. at age 2 i was naming the make and model of car for every adult my parents let me come in contact with when i joined grade school they tried to negotiate with me to have me skip a couple grades but i didn't accept the terms and would...
  • Dukon
    Blog: Dukon's blog. By Dukon at 7:32 PM.
    Okay so, i feel like we all have played habbo all of us at some point in our lives. If it were Role playing, Casino, Trading, or just chatting. We have all been on the hotel, at one point in our lives. I for myself started playing when i were young back in 2008, i remember begging my parents...
  • Sun
    Blog: Sun's blog. By Sun at 1:38 PM.
    Future forecast for the xpoff community you say? Whats going to happen? Well depending on how much you have kept up with wow legion expansion will really determine what you may be enjoying in the future. With a new patch of sweeping changes paving the way for Battle of Azeroth there are...
  • Daltert Moropi
    Blog: Daltert Moropi's blog. By Daltert Moropi at 3:13 AM.
    just when ya think that you took down your own discussion about how not to sub to the paul bros. this happens.... https://www.reddit.com/r/JakePaul/comments/7npjmw/i_lost_my_virginity/
  • Somfas
    Blog: Somfas's blog. By Somfas at 10:22 PM.
    This is a challenge and a dare from a friend. It is not easy to be me, you may think I make it look so simple but indeed, it can be wrought with challenges not meant for the faint of heart. *First off, to be me you must first ignore everything you ever learned about grammar, punctuation and...
  • Daltert Moropi
    Blog: Daltert Moropi's blog. By Daltert Moropi at 2:56 AM.
    howdy ya'll, guess this is my first blog here. other than the paul situation popping up and WW III is becoming closer and closer with the troll leaders comparing missile sizes. how is all ya'lls day?