Habbo Selling. Black ICM IN SHOP ????

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Okay so, i feel like we all have played habbo all of us at some point in our lives. If it were Role playing, Casino, Trading, or just chatting. We have all been on the hotel, at one point in our lives.

I for myself started playing when i were young back in 2008, i remember begging my parents for Habbo Coins. And i had fun in those days, but it all came to a end, when i were banned untill 2021 in 2009, for scamming in casino. I still played after the ban on a new account. But that is not for this Topic.

I have not really played on the english hotel. Since i am from Denmark, and i used to play on Habbo.dk, before it being closed the 29 may 2015. Since lose of players, mostly in part of their managemnt, and the banning of gambling. Whice were a huge part of the income for sulake incorproation. Also it destroyed the economy big time. Same when "Casino / Gambling was banned 7th april 2014, on the .COM Habbo.

So lets get to the topic. So i log on, Habbo,com (I have a account i made to play with danish friends after the .DK Closed down) and what i see is really blowing my mind. "Black Ice Cream Machine" also known as "Black ICM" is to date, the most rare item, on the english hotel. Since before this, their were only 2 players with it. The 2 players are, Tiny-Cypriot and RadMatter. But duo to casino / gambling, RadMatter, was IP Trade locked. Making only 1 BLACK ICM, available to players before now. (As of this writing January 2018) And if i rememer correct, it used to be worth. Aroun 400 - 500 Gbs (50 coins each gb) Making the Black ICM, cost around 20,000 to 25,000 coins. But for fun, i logged on habbo.com. Just to check whats up. And then i see this shit. (Check Imgur)

https://imgur.com/a/jimoy (A picture of the machine being sold in the catalog) + a picture of my non HC avatar.

If you ask me, im not really a big fan of it being sold. Since it was such a rare item, and now all people will be able to get it. But then again, im not really playing it anymore. Just thought i would blog something. So i decided to blog this :)

Also if you are playing habbo.com. DON'T BUY COINS ON THEIR MARKETPLACE. Since that is overpriced, here is a link, to a fast / safe / reliable site, where you can buy habbo coins / items.


Their used to be many more selling coins. But then again, it is a dying game. Since they treat their players like they are all 12. But if you know the right people, you caa buy directly via paypal, and it may be cheaper, but it is more risky, since u can get scammed easy.

Well that was it, for this entry.

- Dukon
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