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Dear my audience? lol idk. just happy to say I'm really enjoying the twinking community lately but am still annoyed at blizz for potentially ridding the LFH, furbolg pouch and agm from the lower lvl bracket..... these iconic twinking items are a grind and a half to get (but easier than what it was in previous expacs). I'm just throwing my opinion out there about the subject because now I feel as if its a must for all twinks to farm them and making it like a massive cluster duck with ppl forming huge groups of 110s every 3 hours to obtain the arena master trinkets, and the STV fishing event times changed from being server time to a certain time over all realms which really screws me over. I cant be awake every Monday morning at like 4am to attempt to get my LFH or even fishing hook trinkets these days... this may seem as a small rant probably because it is but yah like its going to kill me if I don't get these items on my paladin now :(

anyway off the rant and back to the goals for my twink and would like people to help me where possible with ideas and strats to farm shizz, and best way to do things if your all kind enough xD <3
Social life in game is very important to me and finding a good group of people to talk with, have banter and enjoy the time playing is what I believe I have found in this community and will stay in it for times to come, even tho I believe once blizz releases its classic servers that the 19 community on retail will die off dramatically but ohwell, ill still continue on with it and move my attention to gearing and progressing on classic as will a lot of others in the community. I did play on Elysium and the people I met there were great with helping me gear up, show me the ropes and help me out where I asked. Not playing in vanilla and not knowing a lot of things back then since I started playing at a young age in BC and not knowing a lot and not learning a lot from back then but as I matured and grew up I have started learning things about the game and I think progressing well as a player. being asked to create a 110 hpal to heal in 2s/3s and RBGs other players said it should increase my skill lvl and hopefully make me a better player when it comes to my twinks especially my main paladin
. I may not have old school GF'd gear or legion armor but I am doing my best to gear as good as possible and play correctly and knowing when to use abilities to help. Theres a lot of experienced players out there and id love to learn things off of them even the smallest of things are helpful and are noted down. I do dream tho and have debated wether or not to buy a GF'd paladin but I yah just unsure on the whole aspect of it and how difficult it is to exactly transfer the character over to another account is very tedious but maybe one day, who knows.

My twinking days predominately started back in Mop when 24s were a deal. I had no idea why but it just seemed so unique to me and never understood why. That's when I found out about F2P accounts (legit didn't know they existed after playing for like 7+ years already) but then made one and stuck with it. made a good solid group of friends and they all helped me gear up and then without even knowing after some experience and hardcore planning, thought processing and dedication to the bracket, I was getting asked about things like gear sets, enchants, pets to use for hunters (I loved hunters back then) and just overall knowledge about the bracket. I continued to gain knowledge and then moved from alliance to horde still keeping my alliance toons, and met a really amazing guild who helped me out on wyrmrest accord and they didn't believe me that fire mages were good back then and only frost mages were with fingers of frost procs and 2 hitting ice lances, but I soon proved them all wrong with a burst set up I made and could nearly kill most players or take them down to 20% health in a matter of 2 seconds. they were surprised it worked so well even tho you could only do it say once per 1-2min depending if you waited for every cd or not otherwise it was just a blast to have fun with. now I'm playing around in 19s enjoying life and trying to get my paladin as great as can be. that's my twinking story like shortened dramatically but you get the jist of it :)

Goals for 19 paladin :énnÿ

Tabard Collection
Max lvl Proffs and pattern farming (any patterns rare or know abouts where to buy please let me know)
Transmog hunting - (if anyone knows glitches to use higher lvl items id be very enticed to hear how its done <3)

LFH / AGM / furbolg pouch needa obtain
Improve my gameplay as a holy paladin in wargames and maybe look into competitive scene of 19s

well thanks for reading my first blog, hopefully I continue these and see how things go :) much luv to all twinks <3 JENNY OUT PEACE!
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