Finding my roots

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I've recently played more and more in the 19s bracket and surprisingly I've actually started to like it again... no, you didn't read the wrong, I actually like the legion 19 bracket atm. How's that for a fact to start the weekend with?

I'm not sure what it is that makes it so much more fun than the 29 bracket right now but I would guess that the community plays a big role. I got funded on Draenor horde since I don't have any char on the server and it was a bit slow in the beginning but now we're like 10-20 ppl on every day. You always have someone to play with and it's so much more fun now that there are alot of ally twinks playing aswell. I actually sit at work and count the hours until I can play again, like whaaat?

The return of some of the old ppl I used to play with is also a great factor. Ppl actually recognize me again! I joined a bg last night and I got teamed up with some cool ppl like Red. Haven't seen him in soo long. Some days ago I also saw another guy who I ofc can't remember the name of now and we had a good nostalgia chat and it was so pleasing that I could skip the daily porn routine.

...and then there is the activity over all. It's freakin blooming, exploding even. It's amazing, ppl try to make wargames randomly just because like the old time. I love it so much and I can't wait for some more. This might be the year where twinking turn around again. Prob not... but stay positive, no?

Have a great one and see ya in the gulch. :)
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