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Entry #4

Hello again, haven't done too much recently, managed to get bis legs for fury and ring for prot. Also got another naaru sliver trinket, 1h sword and a 2nd apoly for future. Finally completed T1 set so very happy about that. Currently working on getting shatar exalted and then gunna farm some mog stuff.

For my old account, my hunter is kinda meh now as when I last played it, ilvl didn't matter and mainly got stuff femmes wrong but still cool to have. My 85 I'm now leveling up to 99 but still has guild with quite alot of stuff to sell which is going to take some time getting through.

Looking to start HC farming for rep and mog bits
If your on EU Alliance then send me a message and we can farm together, FoamyChewit#2572
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