WTT lvl 19 Spellfire Oil for Crystallizing Mana

Discussion in 'General Trading' started by TimeRift609, Apr 8, 2021.

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    Looking to trade a lvl 19 +7 ilvl Spellfire Oil for a lvl 19 +7 Crystallizing Mana. (My Spellfire Oil for your Crystallizing Mana) Both of these relics are the ones that are supposed to be zone drops from Suramar.

    I am on US on the following connected realms: Ghostlands, Kael'thas, Grizzly Hills, Gnomeregan, Moonrunner, Trollbane, Lothar, Malfurion

    If possible, please PM me if you are interested in trading (I am new to the site, so I am not really sure how to do private messages though, or even if it's possible).

    Edit: Also, I forgot to mention I am on Horde side.

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