US WTT 39/49 BoEs

Discussion in '40-49 Trade' started by Haaveilija, Nov 8, 2018.

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    BoEs I have on Alleria/Khadgar:
    Hand of Edward the Odd L43/IL56
    The Green Tower L48/IL58
    The Green Tower L43/IL56
    Underworld Band L42/IL55
    Krol Blade L38/IL51
    Basilisk Hide Pants L38/IL43
    Assault Band L39/IL44
    Freezing Band L47/IL52
    Scorpashi Cape L39/IL44 +GFed 12 agi enchant

    Have on Elune/Gilneas:
    Eye of Flame L49/IL55
    Cassandra's Grace L45/IL53
    Basilisk Bone L47/IL55
    Venomshroud Orb L49/IL54
    Elven Spirit Claws L45/IL53
    Khoo's Point L39/IL44
    Slither-Scale Gauntlets L49/IL48
    Serpentskin Cloak L45/IL50
    Falcon's Hook L39/IL44
    Horizon Choker L55/IL58
    Demon Band L56/IL58
    Abyssal Plate Legguards
    + lots of L38-39/IL43-44 greens, just ask.

    BoEs I'm primarily looking for:
    Feathermoon Headdress L35/IL43 or L45/IL53
    Freezing Band L37/IL50
    Skullflame Shield L38/IL51
    Blackskull Shield L38/IL51
    Hand of Edward the Odd L38/IL51

    Lower priority but will consider:
    Skullflame Shield L48/IL58
    Elven Spirit Claws L35/IL43
    Sash of Mercy L37/IL50
    Elven Chain Boots L35/IL43
    Lady Maye's Pendant or Jeweled Amulet of Cainwyn L37/IL50
    I'll also take any other 39/49 leather or mail scaled BoEs into consideration.

    I'm not interested in buying or selling for gold, only item trades. Post here or send a message if you're interested in trading.
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    Just a heads up! Skullflame does not proc!

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