EU WTS Testament of the Valorous (Mythic "The Chosen" ToV transmog)

Discussion in '90-99 Trade' started by Serjeant, May 17, 2018.

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    Awarded for [​IMG] The Chosen via mail, which is possible once per character.

    This box is still BoE as of 7.3.5 and can be traded to any character serverwide on the specific faction, but can not be put on the AH (like [​IMG] Void-Shrouded Satchel for [​IMG] Touch of the Void). You can open the box with any character. The ensemble you get out of this box is determined by the class opening it (you only get the one of the armor type of your character, not all four), is soulbound and requires level 110 to activate (this was changed a couple months back). After activation, the mogs are usable for level 98+ characters because of the new scaling system.

    cloth ensemble: [​IMG] Ensemble: Vestment of the Chosen Dead
    leather ensemble: [​IMG] Ensemble: Garb of the Chosen Dead
    mail ensemble: [​IMG] Ensemble: Chains of the Chosen Dead
    plate ensemble: [​IMG] Ensemble: Funerary Plate of the Chosen Dead

    In other words: If you send this box to a level 1 bank alt and then open it on that alt by accident, prepare to level that character to 110 to use the ensemble, otherwise you wasted the box.

    The helm, shoulder and cloak transmogs of these ensembles can only be collected via these boxes, there is no other way and once BfA releases and [​IMG] The Chosen gets removed, get ur gfed look for ur 98/99/101 twink. PM me offers.


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