US WTS 99 Athrogg's Dethhamma Socket+Speed! (off spec weapon!)

Discussion in '90-99 Trade' started by zazzyfraz, Mar 11, 2019.

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    I have a 99 i151 Socket+speed Athrogg's Dethhamma on Horde stormrage. It would be for 99 Druid/Pally/Shaman Offspec(you can only have 1 artifact). Orderhall weapons are 150, with no socket or tert ofc. Slap a leech enchant on it maybe, or a dps one.

    Only way you would beat this as your offspec weapon would be to farm WoD dungeons for Socketed 1hander and Socketed Offhand, with at least 1 tertiary proc on top of the sockets?


    If interested in this, best way to contact would be battletag Dirtywork#1630, or Discord Dirtywork#7394. As stated, I have this item on Horde Stormrage. I would prefer stormrage gold. but any gold is fine.
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