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WSG XP evasion

Discussion in 'Level 10-19' started by Kageroo, Mar 17, 2019.

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  1. Kageroo

    Kageroo Veteran

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    Hi, I have a question...
    Is it still possible to completely avoid XP in XP-on BGs?
    Back in WoD I used to queue with few other twinks XP-on WSG and completely avoid getting XP by logging off when the flag was capped. This way we could queue WSG on our 19 twinks and get pretty good queues all day long.
  2. Goohd

    Goohd born good

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    If you are looking to que xpON. I highly recommend leveling up to 20.
    We can que xpon without gaining experience. We can also que xpoff just by simply joining a group of xpoff players.
    I'm not here to advertise for a dying bracket. The opposite actually. We have instant pops despite you joining or not.
    I'm simply giving insight in case you were not aware. (only say this because there is resistance when you hear about other brackets.)

    I would hesitate to say this to a 29/39/49 etc. because they have sentimental values for their twinks. (maybe GFed or just plain out love the game mechanics unlocked in a higher level twinking state)
    BUT for a 19 to go up one more level. It is nothing. If your gfed your gear is still relevant and admired.
    The biggest radical change is a new bracket. But then again you will love it because its XPON.
    And no dont worry. 29s cant get into xpon BGs. Its just facing 20 twinks and levelers.
    AND again if you are feeling up for a challange. You simply que with an xpoff and get into the xpoff bracket with only 20/29 twinks.
  3. Holythane

    Holythane Lewno

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    No longer possible as they give you around a bar of xp every few minutes or so, if someone knows the exact time maybe could log off before it but have not tried that.
  4. Chops

    Chops Soccer Dad

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    You could try to glitch your way into xp-on BGs and risk leveling your twink or getting your account banned. OR you could just make a vet/F2P toon to que casual BGs on nights that your preferred bracket isnt queing.

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