US Weekly 80-89 Battlegrounds - Notification Thread

Discussion in 'Level 80-89' started by Rejuvenizer, Mar 22, 2020.

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    Due to the recent success of coordinated twink events the bracket has decided to renew weekly battlegrounds for the 80-89 bracket (US). A lot of the following will be copy pasta from the last forum thread I created, so bare with me. But some is new information which may interest you regarding the importance of this thread.

    At around 9:00 Eastern time on Sunday, EVERY SUNDAY!! (until further notice), the 80-89 bracket will hold battleground events similar to the old school 59 bracket wargames. The aim is to have a minimum of a 7v7 so that the battlegrounds feel more like actual battlegrounds than arenas. Obviously, a 10v10 is ideal and even more would be great so that we can move on the battlegrounds such as AB.

    If and when numbers dwindle farther along in the night due to work the next morning or general drop off in interest, we will transition from bgs to 5v5 1v1s. This is done by randomly selected teams forming together and then /roll[ing] for order and facing off against the other team going one player at a time.

    Rules, I guess:

    -No versatility stacking trinkets (duh)

    -Teams will consist of 2-3 healers (2 if the total number of players per team is X<8, 3 if X>8 then 3)
    -FC(optional) and the rest, obviously, dps.
    -We will try and reduce the amount of spec stacking so only 2 specs of any class will be allowed (until further notice 2 Destro locks are still allowed but it’s being debated as to whether or not that will be reduced to 1 as they are by far the most dominant class in battlegrounds). We will try to eliminate class stacking as well, but as of now, we'll take anyone we can in order to get games going. If they succeed, then we'll implement more rules.

    Posts on this thread will include:

    -Vods of the streams so those who are interested/missed it can watch the madness
    -Weekly bumps to notify any new comers of activity and remind people that they are still happening
    -Any changes made to rules, time, or dates affecting the bracket


    If you are interested in starting a character but don’t know what to play, refer to my tier list I created (and am still updating) which is pinned to the top of the 80-89 forum threads on XPOff.

    On another note, the bracket has an offline Bnet community which is an attempt to have all known 80-89 twinks in it. is the link to get in. Join it if you have an 80-89 twink!

    If you have any questions about the bracket, the community, or just want to talk to me because I'm a sexy mf that turns you btag isKane98#11747
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    VoD for tonight's games. Was not exactly balanced, first time in a while but our numbers were relatively low tonight. Balance is usually solved by more players participating! Ggs
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    Participated last night and had a blast, just as the op said, we did multiple bgs into 5v5 1v1s and when I got off they were talking on 3v3s. I’m enjoying gearing and regearing my toons, these guys got me to drop some of my gold to resub! Hope to see more of you lurkers pming this guy!
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    Where have ya been half year ago Q_Q
  4. Lutes"Leerôy"mcgee

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    It was a great night even if i joined late, hella fun

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