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US Warlords of Warsong recruiting all active twinks!

Discussion in '10-19s Guild Recruitment' started by Warlord Daboo, Aug 29, 2017.

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  1. Warlord Daboo

    Warlord Daboo 10-19 Coordinator Coordinator

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    Warlords of Warsong (Bleeding Hollow) is the games biggest and most active 19 twink guild on US servers, with 10-20 players online most evenings! Warlords runs Events daily, giving out over 50k gold some weeks in prizes. We are recruiting ACTIVE twinks of all brackets, though our main community is 19s. We fund ilvl gear almost instantly for new comers. Enchants, potions, foods, gliders, are some things that are earned and are always in stock for our dedicated members! Warlords does not GY camp, this is to keep que times low and keep games rolling! We do not outlaw GY camp / contain when it is needed in a close game vs twinks. We do not Ragequit, it makes us all look bad when just one person representing our guild quits because things don't look good, stay in and work on strategy until the fat lady sings. We do not tolerate toxic behavior, you will be warned, and on the third offense, booted. Racism = insta kick.

    Please get in contact with me Daboo#11580 for more information or an invite! Get in on he big fun! Warlords of Warsong has also founded a Brotherhood of twink guilds, Brotherhood of Banners, involving 5 brothers who compete in events daily and group for BGs and more!

    Insurrection- Illidan, The Fabulous - Moon Gaurd, Warsong Gulch - Bleeding Hollow, War Pigs - Thrall, Warlords of Warsong- Bleeding Hollow

    All of our Brothers are friendly skilled twinks who are all recruiting as well!
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  2. NuckingFuts

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    Simply put, this is a great guild to be a part of. I lost interest in twinking for a long time, mainly due to lack of community on my old server. But ever since I've moved to BH and joined these guys, its brought back that nostalgic feeling back into this game for me. My only regret is that I don't get the time to play wow with these guys as much as I'd like to.
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