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US Warlords of Warsong Recruiterments

Discussion in '10-19s Guild Recruitment' started by Warlord Daboo, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. Warlord Daboo

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    Warlords of Warsong is a very active 19 twink guild with over 850 members and dozens online daily! We fund professions and ilvl gear, and after some time showing your dedication, we give ranks that open up our vast Guild Bank to our active friendly members! Daily Events run with the XPoff twink community award thousands of gold each day for having fun! Events such as Arenas, Wargames, Wpvp, Battlegrounds, and many other custom events created by The War Council!

    We do no tolerate Racism, it will earn you an instant kick and ban. We do not trash talk, we want to lead by example and make the community a better place! We do not Graveyard camp because it makes Queue times longer and makes it less fun for us all! (GY contain is not outlawed in a close game vs twinks, if needed to win). We do not Ragequit because it makes the whole guild look bad, even if one person is Rage Quitting, stick it out till the day lady sings and work on strat to try and change the outcome!

    The Brotherhood of Banners is a twink guild affiliation with 5 twink guilds currently involved. I want other active twink guilds on Horde to get in touch with me and connect for even bigger events each day! The purpose of The Brotherhood is to bring us together for fun events, friendly competition, and constant activity in the 19 bracket! Get in touch with me here or on Btag Daboo#11580!
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