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    What is Warframe?
    • Free to play, 3rd person, 4 player coop shooter (also 8 player raids).
    • PC, PS4,XB1
    • Space ninjas (parkour).
    • Missions randomly generated from map tiles.
    • 24 playable classes, each with 4 abilities.
    • Hundreds of weapons (primary, secondary, melee).
    • Melee stances with combos.

    The positives:
    • Excellent game mechanics, with good depth and a decent skill ceiling.
    • Regular patches, new content and events.
    • Developers keep players in the loop with fortnightly devstreams.

    The negatives:

    • Having a lot of classes and weapons means it can become a grind if you try to level a lot of them (and to get the most out of weapons/classes, you may have to level them from 0-30 several times).
    • While the game is true free to play, without paying you will initially be very limited by the number of inventory slots you have for classes and weapons, meaning you have to sell old ones to make space for new ones. Other than by paying, the only way to get the currency to buy more slots is to get one class and set of weapons levelled far enough to get loot drops from higher level missions that you can sell to other players.


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