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EU <Vanilla with Salt>

Discussion in '60-69s Guild Recruitment' started by kompe, May 22, 2017.

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    <Vanilla with Salt> is a newly formed 60 Twink on Argent Dawn, Alliance!(EU) We have been in the community for quite some time, and are hoping to bring some interest back in to the bracket and create a community where any 1-60twink can feel at home! Oldschoolers, newschoolers and every one in between, wether you are looking for a home for your inactive 60s that you miss deeply, or you just figured out how cool 60 twinking might be, We want this to be a place where any1 can feel welcome! We have led Guilds in this bracket before, and been officers on several successful guilds on the side through the years. We have led raids in this bracket for years and have the knowledge needed to keep this guild up and going! Still we are in need of more officers to help us keep something like this together! Any class is open for recruitment, except Monks/Deathknights. Any race is allowed and it should be up to the player to decide. If you have any questions regarding the matter, you can of course put down a comment(Naturally, lol) or you can whisper: Fudgeitman, Smallaflol, Babeaflol or Kompepaly ingame! GMs B-tag - Luckystriked#2281 (will only accept if I can find the b-tag that has added me in this post) Best Regards, M√łgraine of Afterlife/DMO/TheBulwark/Classic/Vanilla (Argent Dawn)
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