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[US-Alliance] Invasion Farming Raid Group

Discussion in 'General WoW' started by Caulfield, Aug 24, 2016.

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  1. Caulfield

    Caulfield Grandfathered

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    So I'm sure some of you have noticed that the invasions have been taken longer to clear (and thus to get our invasion chests). Whether this is because there are a lot less people doing the invasions, or that the amount of invasions going has diluted the player base too much isn't the point, what it means for us is less opportunities for us to get our much needed invasion gear.

    What I propose is we group together and make an invasion farming group - cycling through as many of the zones we can, to maximize the chance at getting our bis gear.

    In 30 minutes the Invasions reset and all 6 will be fresh. I plan to do as many as I can starting with Westfall.

    Westfall -> Dun Murough -> Hillsbrad -> Tanaris -> Barrens -> Azshara

    Im making a raid group on US filled with Alliance toons 10-100.

    If you want to join, simply message Launce-bleedinghollow

    /tell Launce-Bleedinghollow inv

    F2Ps can comment here for me to invite.

    It would require a lot of us to take an active role in the invasions rather than sit afk, but if we can put a bit of effort in this week, we'll be thanking ourselves later.
  2. Caldalt

    Caldalt Hi

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    If you are doing this tmrw I might be down if I'm not feeling like afking it, I'd be on my 10 priest, shit dies fast lol.
  3. aislingyngaio

    aislingyngaio Member

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    Would love an invite whenever I'm on. Aislingngaio-AeriePeak.

    P.S. Is it faster to clear structures / bosses / trash mobs during stage 3?

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