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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Stoprunning, Feb 20, 2020.

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    Twinked is recruiting some more dedicated players. We currently premade Thursdays at 6pm server, and Sundays 6pm server, we plan to add more Premade nights as the guild continues to grow. Got a real friendly community over here, and are looking to add more to our roster. You can find a pug from the guild most nights of the week.

    What we are seeking:
    -Active players who are looking to be a part of a team for our premade nights.
    -Experience is always a plus, however, we care more that we are getting players who are here to improve and have a positive mentality.

    Most of the guild members on the core team have rolled a second 19 twink for flex, so we are flexible on what we can take. The only class that is barred is Rogue, and hunters are limited.

    FCs/Healers High priority.
    Classes Wanted
    -Hunters (2)
    -Mage (1)

    You can reach out to me at:

    We hope to hear from you!
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