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Discussion in '20-29s Guild Recruitment' started by Ear, Mar 16, 2019.

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    <Top Class>- Ravencrest Alliance (20s & 29s) Twink Guild

    A newly formed 29 Twink Guild is Recruiting! Looking for Top Quality 29 Pvpers and F2P Vets to fill our Roster. Aiming to start Arena, Guild and WSG Wargaming events. Funding provided upon participation of these Events.

    Warsong Glutch Wargames
    - Wargaming events is open to all 29s and F2P Vet players across all servers.
    - These events will mainly be formed on Alliance for now.
    - Encouraging all other 29 Guilds on EU to build their community up so we can have team games.

    Guild Aims
    With the current new patch Our Aim is to make 29 Bracket great again.
    - Forming Wargames on Multiple occasions
    - An invitation to all players currently seeking to start F2P Vet Twinks.
    - Supporting and Funding players who seek a new beginning.

    Guild Rules
    - Consumables are banned in Guild (Saltwater, speed pots, etc). Use only to counter.
    - English in Guild chat.
    - Encourage and build the 29 Community up!

    Guild Tab and Assets
    Tab 1
    GB Tab 1.png

    Tab 2
    GB Tab 2.png

    Tab 3
    GB Tab 3.png
    Tab 4
    GB Tab 4.png

    For more details and Guild info Add: Ear#21844.
    My Toons
    29s - Ravencrest- Alliance
    Earbud (Mage) - Ravencrest (A)
    Eardos (Priest) - Ravencrest (A)
    Eartug (Warrior) - Ravencrest (A)
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