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Discussion in 'Hearthstone' started by Tom Ganks, Aug 28, 2015.

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  1. Tom Ganks

    Tom Ganks Formerly Robo

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    What class do you play?

    What type of deck do you use?

    What is your playstyle / card strategy (if you wish to disclose)?


    For me, I'd go with:

    Class: Mage
    Deck: Mech
    Strat: Mech related Battle cries with buffs and many freeze spells.

    (work in progress)
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  2. Laurasia

    Laurasia Miss Kekki

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    Class: Priest, Pally, Mage
    Deck: Variety
    Strat: No particular strat. I like using cards that do fun/silly things. For example, I like using Nozdormu - Card - Hearthstone to confuse/fluster my opponent.

    I don't have a lot of special cards, so I am absolutely loving Tavern Brawl. It often allows me to be on an equal footing with the people who have lots of fancy cards.
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  3. youbeezy

    youbeezy Beer.

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    Class: Shaman (big surprise I know)
    Deck: I am a big fan of combo style decks. They never seem to work on the ladder, but are a ton of fun against friends.
    Strat: Pray to the Hearthstone rng gods.

    What I find the most fun is getting together with friends and coming up with our own customized version of rules for games/decks.

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