To Gokku - Rest in Peace Old Friend


Hey everyone,
After confirming with his family, I am saddened to share with you that we've lost a dear friend of ours. Joey (@Gokku/Finesselord) has passed away at Saturday 11/20/2021. He has been a friend of mine for more than 8 years but we got closer and started playing together more often these past 3-4 years.

The reason I decided to make this thread, is in spite of us not being able to meet in the real world and hold a proper memorial, we could do it here. I invite you all to share any funny or good memory we've had with our friend and fellow Twink, may he rest in peace.

I'll start with mine :

While queuing my regular arenas/rbgs at endgame (late season 3 BFA), I come across Gokku and Light, whom I didn't know were involved with max level PvP. From there, as fellow twinks with a passion for battlegrounds, we gather most of our friends that played endgame through season 4, and created a semi full rated battlegrounds team composed of mostly twinks! Most of us were just learning the game at this point but some of us managed to learn fast and reach really good ratings in pvp S4.
Shadowlands launches, most of us gather, while farming Legion dungeons on our twinks, we had decided that we wanted Hero of the Horde(top 0.5% of the US RBG Ladder), and started queuing more often to try to attain this achievement! During this, the person that took the time to set up the group and lead was Gokku. We started queuing almost everyday at the beginning and when everyone got busy Gokku started to schedule the best time for us to gather and queue despite our jobs/occupations/different time-zones.
Game after game, we would gain experience and get better, but at the same time, we were teasing each other. Me being a rogue main and him being a DH main, meant that we were focused mostly on the objective side of rbgs, but sometimes more than often things go wrong in the beginning when you're improving. Often when I made mistakes, I would hear him saying after the game, "Lenny you're lackin", or "you got caught lackin" and we would continue arguing till I admitted the mistake. And when he made mistakes, I'd be like "WTF ARE YOU DOING BRO?!" and go back and forth till he started laughing and would say alright shut up! xD
Most of the time for me to queue with the boys, I either had to pull an all-nighter or wake up at 3-4 am (since I lived in Albania Europe). But sometimes I wouldn't wake up even with an alarm, and Gokku/Jukejitsu/Light/Dimitri would spam call me on my phone. When I usually woke up later than supposed to(or had bad internet connection), he would start making stupid jokes about middle-eastern Arabs (given Albania was sorta close to that), and when new people that joined the group asked me where I lived he would jump in instantly and say some African Place or Middle East, while at the same time calling me a terrorist infront of the new guys, which always lead to hilarious jokes and conversations.
At the end of the season, after queuing against some of the best players in US, we were able to get Hero of the Horde, but the thing that mattered the most was the fun and enjoyment during the climb!

May you rest easy Joey, you were one of the best and funniest!
I live in Mid-East but i won't make a joke about him. May the God forgive him for all his sins.
I also didn't know Gokku personally. I've known him in 20s bgs through the years and he was always fun to play with and against. He was definetely skilled at FCing even years ago and he knew it, he usually never hesitated to let it be known in his own funny ways. He made some jokes towards me on his profile posts earlier this month after I posted that I will be taking a break from WoW. It made me smile to see he never lost his humour. His crew definetely respected him immensely. He will be missed by many.

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I met Gokku back in MoP when we were teenagers and it was always fun playing with or against him. I've met so many people over the years but some names I will ALWAYS remember and he is one of them. He was one of the best druids I had to chase down in the gulch and I will remember that forever. Thank you for all the memories Gokku now you can 1v1 Irratigank and show him more jumps in heaven ): Can't believe I lost another friend in only a year...
Gokku was a great friend and I've had so many amazing memories over the last few years with him in cold apples, both on twinks and briefly on 120s in BFA. Far too many small things to list but some of my favorites have to be BGs and wargames with the full cold apples squad and breaking the game in SL.

As others have said, he was a funny guy with an unforgettable personality that had a big effect on our community. I'll definitely miss the friendly banter and joking around with him the most. My heart goes out to his friends and family. RIP.
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I rlly liked the last time we played 20s war-games together. I thought he played rlly well on boomy. He also made rbgs fun and was a natural leader at them imo even when he didn't have much xp.

guess he came back, dam
My heart breaks every time we lose someone in this family. Horde or Alliance, we are a family, a community that shares a passion for PVP. Sometimes, brothers and sisters don't get along, sometimes they fight and many times have their differences, that's just the way it is in a family. But when tragedy strikes the heart and hits home like this, the differences fade and we realize how small our differences really are. It was not the kind of news anyone wanted to hear, and the reality of how short our time can be together is harsh sometimes, making us face the question of our own mortality, and hopefully closing the gap on the differences that separate us. Gokku, our brother, you will be missed deeply in the heart of this community, this family that you called home for so many years, and we are all sending you off to the next life with nothing but love <3 ....... to everyone that is heartbroken and lost from this tragedy right now, friends, family and everyone else that knew him, I am truly sorry for this loss and my heart goes out to you with my deepest and sincerest prayers for your healing and for peace. Rest in Peace brother.
My experience playing with gokku and his group was pretty limited, but I always enjoyed playing with them.

it was clear that the friendships that he forged in game carried far outside of wow. And given the range of friends and impacts he made this holds true. As more of a private player I never really understood this, but in a time like this I absolutely respect it and understand better.

my heart goes out to his family and friends, both real and in game and whatever blurred line in between.
I didn't know him personally but I've seen him a couple of times.

May he rest in peace!
Heard about this the other day from a friend.
It's so sad to see someone so young go so soon.

Had a ton of fun playing hundreds of games with this guy over the years, both with and against. One of the people to made games challenging to fight against, and always played top notch if on your team.

Hope you find peace wherever you are dude
Rest in Power

-Nayani / Toktug
It hurts to see shit like this, he was a good kid trying to figure out this world just like the rest of us. I hope that his family has the strength to get through this tough time and handle it ok.

I kinda knew Goku personally I chilled with his crew on a personal level back in wod and a little bit of bfa. Goku was a great kid, had a good heart. I hope that the rest of the boys in that group are able to handle this and grow from it.

Rip Goku

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