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Hi team,

since Blizzard has given us free game time for this weekend and I've been without a subscription for years, I would like to ask you to post ideas on how to make good use of this free game time.

Something like:
Much appreciated, TY!
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Hi team,

since Blizzard gave us free game time for this weekend and I have not been subed for years I would like to ask you to post ideas what should I do on my main or 20's before my sub expires.

Something like:
  • get 32 slot bags for your 20's
  • open mail
  • kill Doomwalker in Tanaris
  • buy WoW's anniversary stuff with Timewarped Badge
  • upgrade your Garrison to level 3 on your 20's
  • etc...
Much appreciated, TY!
I wish we could get level 3 garrison. I think it req level 40
Anniversary stuff can be purchased on 20's though? No need for sub to do it... It's like the only limited-time timewalking vendor (other than Legion last I checked) that sells to 20s.

Also throw in "kill MoP/WoD world bosses for mounts". Blizz officially upped the drop rate on those mfkers.
Also if dont have 2/2 gems yet, you can buy epic gems that show as 3/3 on ah but are 2/2 when slotted, also gives access to mastery gems

or if you have slotted epics you can add the sl speed and health gems,
i have the the health, speed and one mastery sl gems in epics and two speed gems in tbc blues and im getting 366 health regen every 10secs and have 29% move speed with rivendare sword

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buy a lot of gems you might need (+3 main stat, sl gems, etc)
buy a lot of enchants you might need
buy mats to level up your professions (engineering), you might not “need” it, but when you do you will be happy you prepared for it
buy lots of consumables (drums, speed pots, etc etc)
buy account-wide items (toys, mounts, etc)
research transmog you might want you aren’t able to get on your 10/20 whatever, and get it
if you have another character with gold, you could send yourself gold
- Ask mage for port to Valdrakken, set your hearstone there and use dragonriding on your level 20 whenever you're bored. Hella fun but might not work for vets without Dragonflight expansion.

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