<Tiesto Power Mix> - (A) Incendius is getting fired up!

Discussion in '29s (Vanilla)' started by Shipwhreck, Jan 6, 2020.

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    Hello there!

    <Tiesto Power Mix> Alliance side on Incendius is currently looking for more players!

    Our current roster holds 20+ 29 twinks along with a few 19s and 39s.

    We plan to add premades in the 39 bracket in the next several weeks.

    We currently run premades in the afternoons/evenings and will be coming up with a schedule shortly.

    - Many of us have 60s for supporting dungeon farms/xp carries/etc....
    - We have a fully functional bank stocked with gear to support our guildies.

    PM Shatsalot or Absolutefire in game to join or for more information.

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