Thunderfury Ally (US West PvP) <Early Endgame> Recruiting

Discussion in '39s (Vanilla)' started by Outofspace, Aug 31, 2020.

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    This thread is aimed at players who are interested in structured competition but are unable to participate on their home server. If you are currently wargaming regularly, skip this pitch - we want to grow the community not play musical chairs and pull from active guilds.

    Matches are on Sunday evenings 6:00 PST which is also server time, and Wednesdays we have practice around the same time, but we would like to add more nights. We're not asking for 100% participation, but players who have fewer conflicts are preferred. We've had consistent Sunday games for months now and internal 10v10 scrimmages are our goal. Yes, ultra-rare items are on the table for committed players who can sign up and show up. Transfers are welcome but limited - Thunderfury is a PvP server.

    We are currently funding the following roles for Wargames:
    FC Druid
    Trap Hunter
    Fire/Frost/Arcane Mage
    Holy Paladin
    Disc/Shadow Priest
    Sub Rogue
    Arms Warrior

    So if highly competitive battles are something you're craving please let me know and I'll be happy to answer any more questions you might have.

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