The Warsong Project - 2.4.3 or 3.3.5a Spells/Abilities?

Discussion in 'Private Servers' started by iaccidentallytwink, Apr 10, 2022.

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Which patch for spells and abilities?

Poll closed May 8, 2022.
  1. 2.4.3

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  2. 3.3.5a

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  1. iaccidentallytwink

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    A continuation of the previous thread, this time specifically looking for input on whether or not the twink brackets prefer TBC or WotLK for balance. Everything is coming along nicely, and now it is at the point where we need to decide what patch we want to target for our spell database and spell programming.

    The initial pre-alpha stress test will be the 19 bracket, and we'll go from there based on how it performs and how players like it.

    Ignore anything stat related or level related. Fishing boots, Naxx enchants, Profession spells, Engineering items, etc. Those can all be re-added or tweaked however we want for the launch regardless of the choice made for spells (we are setting stats directly anyway). The server will be running on a 3.3.5a core, but do we want the WotLK or the TBC spells and abilities?

    Think just class spells and abilities. What do you think would create a more stable, balanced, and interesting meta?

    Would appreciate any explicitly detailed opinions with data, things you might want to mix and match (other than Spells/Abilities).

    Next thread will hopefully have some screenies of our upcoming lobby/queuing client, it's looking pretty fresh :)

    Hope to see you guys in the Gulch soon.
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