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    The Premade Handbook (Guide)
    By Dan (Vanillamilk/Blueprint)

    Job descriptions of the Individual

    Before you adventure yourself out in testing your strength in the premades, it's important to have in mind, that this is all about teamplay. This is where you're obligated to excell as a team in order to win the battle. You are with your team, and with your team you will fight.

    In order to succeed as a team, EVERY single player/class has their own job description.
    If everyone furfills their job in the group, you will have succeeded as a team.
    Everyone plays different, and has their own flair to their playstyle - but in order to master yourself as a player, it's important to know what your job withholds.

    • FC's
    • Brewmaster (Monk)
    • Guardian (Druid)
    • Protection (Paladin)
    • Protection (Warrior)

    • Dps
    • Arcane (Mage)
    • Frost (Mage)
    • Balance/Boomkin (Druid)
    • Feral/Guardian (Druid)
    • Elemental (Shaman)
    • Destruction (Warlock)
    • Hunter
    • Arms (Warrior)
    • Rogue
    • Protection (Paladin)
    • Shadow (Priest)
    • Windwalker (Monk)

    • Healers
    • Mistweaver (Monk)
    • Discipline (Priest)
    • Holy (Paladin)
    • Holy (Priest)
    • Restoration (Druid)
    • Restoration (Shaman)

    • Control
    • Affliction (Warlock)
    • Beast Mastery (Hunter)
    • Brewmaster (Monk)
    • Enhancement (Shaman)
    • Demonology (Warlock)
    • Frost (Mage)
    • Holy (Priest)
    • Rogue
    • Protection (Paladin)

    You've chosen boomkin. You're the strongest mid-class in the club. You're the robust center of gravity on the playing field. Your job as a boomie is versatile mid control. KNOW THIS. You're the constant dps output. Not only should you proberly be topping boards, but you're job is to spread pressure across the field and have that starsurge on cooldown at all times! YOU SHOULD NEVER RUN OOM. Again you're the CONSTANT dps output, you're the safe player, you should rarely if not never - die, and you should always be able to pump out damage.

    Also know that some damage is useless, while other damage is needed - keep your mind away from being top dps - if you play your cards right, YOU WILL TOP DPS and you WILL not pump out useless dmg. Just like warriors at high level/any level really, you're gonna be wanting to be hitting something ALL the time. Unless a target is called the priority is Starsurge>Eclipse dot -maintaining(moonfire/sunfire )>Eclipse Cast(Wrath/starfire)>Non-eclipse dot -maintaining(moonfire/sunfire)>Non-eclipse cast (wrath/starfire).

    You think 150k dmg is alot? Please... Wait till you master this class, you'lll be hitting minimum 200k+ ATLEAST. DOTS. Think of yourself as the versatile modern affliction lock. Work on theese dots. If needed maybe even get an addon to help you out, keeping track of your dots on enemy targets. Aswell as mouseover macros for atleast dots - will improve your gameplay/output SIGNIFICANTLY. You should at ALL TIMES have BOTH dots up on atleast 4 targets, hopefully more. Is this not the case? Have you not been utilizing the effect of your dots? Feels more like you dot people you wish to go for, not only making your dmg predictable for a skilled healer, it's not your job in the team.

    Whenever switches are being made, it's called a "switch" for a reason, it happens quick - and you better keep up - getting kills>whatever you think is right. When switches are being made, forget pre-dotting, hit em up with some quick dmg - starsurge, or whatever eclipse ability you have --> support your team this way. Pre-dotting is not only gonna waiste valuable seconds, but will make your dmg predictable --> therefor ruining your teams suprise, and giving the opposite team a chance to counter. Stop.
    Having your dots pre-done on almost every target in the front, also makes you able to switch when targets are being called - alot more efficient.

    A good boomie will always be in eclipse mode as for the 15% dmg buff - however... a good boomie is gonna prepare his burst; this meaning that whenever you reach eclipse stat, you recieve a 15% haste buff for 15 seconds - utilize it!

    Be aware of not only your dmg, but your positioning and incoming damage!! Watch out where you're standing, as soon as you sense anything is fishy - blink the hell out of there - back to the ground, or go bear form if it's on cooldown. Rather have you NOT DIE, and survive while taking heat in bear form, than you getting another cast of in boomie, and then having to wait to kill something while you're dead for the next 20 seconds. Your life matters!


    Congratulations, you've chosen hunter. The most pathetic.. no I'm just kidding. But prepare to get flamed, 'cause you are godlike once perfected - if not before.
    Hunter has to be the easiest class to play, but WITHOUT doubt the hardest class to master. The amount of posibilities this class brings, are endless. Similar to the boomkin, you are versatile. Unlike the boomkin you are not only versatile mid, but you are versatile around the WHOLE MAP.

    In your job descriptions among other things, you are on the hotline for "orders". Think of yourself as S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons And Tactics). When the regular police officers can't handle the job, its your job to bring the big guns. You're the person that potentially splits up from group when an EFC is killed, everyone else moves tunnel, you potentially move ramp. You might even get the job as go peeling for your fc, so he can savely encounter the flag, and meet the group without trouble. As a hunter you currently have the best peeling abilities in the bracket. Utilize to your class to the max. Think of yourself as a defensive player. You're defensive by being offensive, nothing more can be said.

    I CANNOT PUT ENOUGH EMPHASIS ON THIS - YOUR BEST ABILITY IS KNOWLEDGE - your single best spell/ability is the fact that you are able to see what others can't. You are able to see enemies out of line of sight!!!! USE THIS. Unless you know that the opposite team is ALL in middle fighting your team, then you should strafe your eyes upon the minimap every FUCKING 2 SECONDS. If this is a hard task for you, I sugest you play another class. Or an alternative would be moving the minimap to the middle of your screen. USE THIS! Whenever middle is not happening, suddenly you just became the president of the group, everyone is gonna want to hear what you have to say. "Where is the efc?" "Who is moving where" , "which way is there fewest people" , "5 players moving up ramp - take another shortcut - or wipe them ramp, they're split up, rest of their group is still in the flag room" - or WHATEVER the situation might be, YOUR knowledge is so important, as no one else sees through walls - USE YOUR MINIMAP!

    The next most important thing you have is the humans best friend - thats in case you have a dog as pet - yeah guess what, YOUR PET! (Which btw you should not have a dog as your pet??). Yes I know what you're thinking, "so much stuff I have to do as this class, I didn't even...", yeah well... if this stuff turns you off, I sugest you find another class. As I said in the beginning this has to be the hardest class to master.
    Your pet is so infinitely important. Keep it alive. I'm aware that your pet does alot of dmg, but this is in no way compared to the teamplay it offers to the table, and risking your poor pets death in battle, is not worth it - unless you manage and master to control your pet in and out of combat, I sugest you periodly just keep it away from trouble and master the effects it offers first.
    There are a long list of different pets you can chose from, where most of them are fairly useful in various situations. Anything from monkey 'stun', to moth pet with a ranged kick. WELL, THIS IS NOT THE CASE WHEN YOU'RE IN PREMADES. Having the option of boosting your teamplay 'permanently' times or maybe limiting 1 player on the opposite team... makes this a no-brainer, and not really a choice. You have more than enough CC'ing abilities to perform yourself as a hunter, than to need one extra that could have affected as a boost to your whole team. As priest and monks bring a buff to the table, so do you, or well, your pet does. Use this.
    There are 3 options; 2 'permanent' buffs and 1 single-target momentarily (hipster) buff. They all somewhat benefit your team - benefitting your team is good, yes.
    The choices are:
    Serpent's Cunning / Cackling Howl
    Furious Howl
    (the hipster pet)

    Mage: You either kill or you peel, there's no inbetween damage.

    Coming soon to theaters near you.
    In progress...
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