The Nineteens Wargaming League Staff Recruitment

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    ***The Nineteens Wargaming League Stream Recruitment***

    A Conglomerate of movements that function within a gaming community whose movements, members, and friends have many of their own personal goals also aimed towards the growth of said community, as well as themselves. We strive to work together whenever possible for the benefit of the bracket and community. This isn’t arbitrary rhetoric aimed at making a bracket something it isn’t, decisions and actions occur everyday that are the essence of my words, With that being said my personal goal and that of The NWL and its stream is to become a powerhouse that can be used as lifeblood for the rest of the community.

    How Is Such A Thing Possible?

    A twitch partnership is my long term goal, as the creator of this league it is my responsibility to set goals , as a visionary I dream (and get called crazy), but regardless when I see a road where those two ways of thinking can possibly collide (as someone who is also infinitely curious) I find myself helpless to do anything but to move forward in that direction. So we need to build the stream together, The NWL needs it to be professional, we need more people from the community to offer their talents to the stream, I think there is enough intrigue within the community to sustain such a recruitment effort as this, in the first ever broadcast we received almost 100 viewers, and 39 followers - we haven't streamed since but are sitting at 69 followers, not much but a good start in my eyes. We can do really sweet stuff with The NWL with what we have, but having everything we want would mean a full blown professional grade E-Sports League. The NWL aims to be that and is recruiting people to fill the following positions on the team to make it happen, this isn’t for everyone, the compensation is currently experience, a good time, and doing something for the twinks.

    An“ * “symbol means it’s a priority for season two.

    We are always looking for ways to improve, and we’ve got a lot of ideas, but we may have missed something, if you think you have a skill that would be useful to a E-sports League than let us know. When I think of how to improve The NWL, I try to think in terms of professional sports.

    • Stat keepers (Data Entry)
    • Spectators/camera men (requires experience with the spectator addon)
    • Commentators, we are rapidly receiving a lot of requests for stream teams, off season games, weekly turnies, monthly events, the normal season and more all need stream teams. (You’ve heard them, if you think you’d be good at this you can send us a short video of you commentating, you can always mute a video and put your own audio track on it)
    • *Dedicated Photoshop Team (would involve creating Twitch overlays, guild symbols, graphics for events, and more)
    • *Video editing Team (would involve creating montages, intros, and more)
    • *Rapid Replay Team (would involve using software to rapidly produce replay footage for the post game discussion panel, and weekly podcast)

    Final Thoughts

    The NWL aims to be the major point of exposure for twinks of all brackets in the times to come and we are building The NWL stream channel to be the tool we use to spearhead that effort, it does not matter if you are a 19 or even a twink, as long as you’re interested in helping the movement of the XP-Off play style than lending us your talents will help Twinking as a whole. That being said ALL donation via Twitch will be used to help develop Twinkinfo, and future events for the greater XP-Off community. So please guys, follow the strum ^.^ this being a success could mean a lot of things in good time. All the things you’ve heard Myself and Myrm mention time and time again. A sweet new website with a Twinkipedia, NWL Leaderboards, stream lists, enhanced user profiles, Season/tournament badges, integrated guild pages, networking information, GG19 Applications on forum sign ups, and a whole hell of a lot more. So anything you offer the stream, your talents, maybe your donations, or even suggestions are highly welcomed, and encouraged, much love Myrm & Co.
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