The Benefits of a Veteran and a Free to Play account in retail World of Warcraft.

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    These are some of the benefits that Retail Warcraft has to offer. If I miss anything I'm not sorry but I will run your toon. Alli or Horde ~ Btag : Blackhand#11494

    1. Can queue Battle Grounds(continue your honorable kill count)
    2. Free to Play as Veteran level 20
    2. Grandfathered items
    3. Faster ground mounts
    4. Battlegrounds are popping (depending on the schedule from 15 mins to 1hr)
    5. Can sell carries easily without the XP Debuff instantly with a bit more dungeon options than 10-19. minimum requirement for summon stones at level 20.
    6. Minimum Ilvl 87 for Shadowlands Gems
    7. Original World of Warcraft
    8. Retail XpOff also has me to help you gear your toon up to date
    9. trafficvision - Twitch follow to revive 20xpoff retail ;)
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