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The Art of Twinking

Discussion in 'Question & Answer' started by DeLindsay, Jul 23, 2016.

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    So you have decided to delve into the shadowy world of Twinking and can't quite figure out where to go, whom to speak with or how to go about it. You my friend have come to the right place. Here at XPOff, of which many of us are also from TwinkInfo, we are World of Warcraft's dedicated Twinking denizens. This Guide will hopefully instill upon you the core of what Twinking is so that you may decide on your path of glory.

    First off lets try and figure out what Twinking actually is. The simple answer is that there's no simple answer. Everyone Twinks for different reasons and often times one Twink may think the reason another Players Twinks is invalid and vise versa. Lets start off with what the Internet defines as Twinking (source - Wikipedia):


    • WoW: World of Warcraft.
    • Blizz: Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of WoW.
    • BiS: Best in Slot.
    • iLvL: Item Level. Starts at iLvL 1 and increases to currently 895 with the Legendaries in Legion.
    • Stats: Short for Attributes - Stamina, Strength, Agility, Haste, Armor, etc.
    • Main Stats: Class based, used for Offensive and Defensive Abilities - Strength, Agility, Intellect.
    • Secondary Stats: All Classes - Haste, Critical Strike, Versatility, Mastery, Dodge, Parry, etc.
    • Tertiary Stats: Higher Level Characters - Speed, Leech, Avoidance, Indestructible, Gem Socket.
    • BG: Battleground - where you go to melt faces.
    • PvP: Player-vs-Player - Instanced as in BG's or open World.
    • PvE: Player-vs-Environment - Instanced as in Dungeons and Raids or Open World.
    • Toon: Player Character.
    • MMO: Massively Multiplayer Online (Role Playing Game is the rest).
    • RP: Role Playing.

    WHAT To Twink and WHY

    PvP: Generally Players who Twink for PvP are in it for the adrenaline rush of defeating other Humans in matched combat. This is usually very fast paced where death is quick but Glory infinite. Most Streamers are of this Category. For Legion's 7.0 Patch, Enchants, Gems, Socket Bonuses, Trinket Procs & on Use and Weapon Procs have been disabled making Gear less relevant but we're already finding that you can cheese the system with some particularly interesting "Gear" choices... It's what Twinks do ;)

    PvE: Generally speaking, those who Twink for PvE are doing so to defeat NPC Enemies of a Character Level vastly higher than their own, as a test of strength and skill. An example would be a Raid Group full of Level 10's or 20's defeating the Level 70 Elite Fel Reaver in Hellfire Peninsula which is from the Burning Crusade Expansion. Another example would be a Raid of all Level 1 Twinks defeating Rare Elites around Level 24 or so, no easy task indeed.

    Banker: Many Players probably start out their Twinking Careers in this fashion. One of the longest running jokes about WoW is something to the effect of this "WoW, the only MMO where you spend just as much time playing the Inventory Mini-Game as the Game itself". All kidding aside, Banker Alts have been a staple in Wow for nearly 11 years and as such many Players liked to 'Bling' out those Toons to show off how rich they are.

    RP: An often overlooked aspect of Twinking is the Role Playing Community. These folks can sometimes unnerve others not used to their actions in game but it is a no less valid form of Twinking. Players of this type have been known to spend years acquiring just the right Gear/Titles in order to properly convey the Role they're trying to achieve.

    Achievements: Another often disregarded method of Twinking is farming up as many Achievements as one can on a lower than normal Level Character, especially if they can acquire Achievements that Character Level shouldn't have access to.

    The HOW of Twinking

    By now I'm sure you're board sick of all the explanations of what Twinking is or what it might mean to you and all you care about is the meat and potatoes of Twinks. Well fear not my young Padawan Learner, you have come to the right place. Here are some Links that you can jump right into to determine how you might Gear the Twink(s) you choose to make. Please beware not all Guides are 100% up to date.

    Wowhead - You can sort Gear by all types of modifiers to find just that one item you want.
    Level 1's - If you like it really rough, this would be the place to start.
    10's - This one is for Instanced PvP.
    19's - Again for Instanced PvP but not a list, you'll have to do some digging.
    F2P/Veterans - Instanced PvP BiS.
    29's - Instanced PvP with a twist, @Hashbrowns gives you actual Stat values based on iLvL.
    39's - @Kirise is a master at finding all the top iLvL gear.
    49's - a shorter version of the above list.
    50-59's - from here up they get listed x0-x9 due to many Twinkning at x0 of each Bracket.
    60's - Couldn't find a 69 List.
    79's - No 70 list :(
    89's - Kirise is a busy mofo!
    91-97's - No Guides, WoD (3) Crafted at 6/6 + highest iLvL you can get.
    98-99's - WoD (3) Crafted at 6/6 + a few iLvL ~700's once Legion drops and One Spec's Artifact Weapon.
    109's - Unknown at this time, but Artifact Power may make them insane.

    Buffs can be a tricky thing because often times there's just so many of them. Twinks have a habit of finding oddball items that can be used as a temporary Buff to give them an advantage over someone/something else. Basically speaking Buffs come in a few flavors, since many of these share a Cooldown with others of their type.
    • Potion - Health, Mana, Rage, Speed, etc, a short term boost/replenishment to some Resource you have.
    • Vial/Elixir - A long term boost to a specific Stat, removed upon Death.
    • Flask - A long term boost to a specific Stat, remains upon Death.
    • Oil/Stone - A long term boost applied to your Weapon directly to add a Stat or damage.
    • Food - A medium to long term boost to a specific Stat, removed upon Death.
    • Scroll - A medium term boost to a specific Stat (does not stack with Vial/Elixir/Flask), removed upon Death.
    • Party/Raid Buff - Almost completely removed in 7.0, Pally FTW now, removed upon Death.
    • Bandage - Personally applied to regain Health, has a short CD, cancelled with Damage.

    Now that you've been introduced to Twinking, we here at XPOff welcome you and hope you call us home for the foreseeable future. Enjoy your time Twinking, we sure have!
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