Thank you y'all


I'll keep this short.

I've been lurking the forum for quite some time now (since that damn DAY) hoping to see a thread saying "PvP is back" or "Blizz reverted the changes" but it's been too long now, and we all know it's not gonna happen.

I know there's plenty of other options of playing the game as a 20 twink, but those SL days when everybody was queueing BGs and Arenas, the short queues and short games, sometimes balanced and sometimes .. not, the days when everybody was standing on that damn fence in Gshire or outside Org and just dueling, talking gear, RL stuff and just having a good time, those were the days I was in for.

Not being able to play much these days because of life, work etc. Those 30 mins to 1h a day of just getting in n out of BGs, getting some quick action, 2-3 duels in while blasting some music was just perfect imho, and y'all made it possible, because without you, the community, it wouldn't have been possible from the very beginning, so naturally, I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to you guys, that sat there on that fence with me, made Gshire feel alive, made the games possible, posted on the forum, made guides for literally almost everything a twink could do and more.

Finally, I said it then and I'll say it now, WoW as a f2p or even vet, was the best MMORPG experience one could find, in my humble opinion. TY

P.S: I'm not leaving tho, I'll keep lurking
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I miss SL 20's too. Terribly.
I loved open world gear farming in a 2x4. I love running dungeons with people, trying to gear up. Loved the quick games, win or lose.
Loved seeing the rare, swag gear on either friend or foe.

The 20's are still around, out in the world or running WoD for 87's. It's not the same, but... we'll be back.

May be we should all get together in HFP at the PvP ojectives & have duel tourneys, or just go at it in a Bttle Royale free-for-all?!


maybe they will bring F2P cap to 30, you never know. Just take a break. (I have been playing hearthstone myself)
maybe they will bring F2P cap to 30, you never know. Just take a break. (I have been playing hearthstone myself)
I should hope that they don't! I love 20's. Sure, we're kindov nerfed, but as the classes advance I find myself aching for the simplicity of the lower levels; not to mention that flying is granted at 30 now, & giving us flying is the single greatest mistake ever made in the game IMO.

The more I think about it, if 20's are really going to make a comeback, we are going to have to make it happen ourselves; much as the Classic Hardcore enjoyers have.
We will need to orchestrate our OWN content. Either that, or just remain cyphers in the code, as we are now.

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