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EU Tactical Wipe - Level 80 Progressional Guild, 10+25Man Content

Discussion in '80-89s Guild Recruitment' started by Heimriel, Aug 3, 2017.

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  1. Heimriel

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    Hi All

    My name is Vesuveus we would like to invite you to our next phase of legacy raiding with the burning crusade expansion Project 80 on Argent Dawn.

    We have been around since 24/02/2017 and have so far progressed quite quickly running 5/10 man raids.

    We aim to capture the experience of end game progression at legacy level.

    If you are interested in getting into the fun please come join our discord @ https://discord.gg/Uqxg9rv

    Currently recruiting All Classes

    Current Progression:

    Tier 7 10man = Farm
    Tier 8 10man = Farm + Hard Modes
    Tier 9 10man = Farm
    Tier 10 10man = 11/12 Bosses
    TOTC 10H 3/5
    ONY 10 = Farm
    VOA 200/219/226-232/245-251 = Farm
    OS10 + 3D = Farm
    OS25 + 0D = Farm
    Malygos 10 = Farm
    VOA25 213 = Farm
    Currently progressing through Heroic 10man Content

    General Rules

    Flying in Northrend unlocked at 66
    Flightpaths are allowed
    Transmog is now allowed
    Use of talents is allowed
    Death Knights are now allowed
    No Monks
    No Panda
    Cataclysm Class Match ups are now allowed IE Gnome Hunter, Dwarf Shaman, Nelf Mage etc
    Heirlooms are not allowed past 70 anyone caught with heirlooms past 70 will not be allowed to raid or participate in guild events

    You can not visit any zone outside those that existed within the expansion setting we're playing at (Cannot visit Cataclysm 80+ Zones)

    You are not allowed to transfer gold from a high level character or items like Marks of Honor. Marks of Honor from 70s currently in the guild is fine

    Dungeon Rules

    You are required to be checked by an officer before you are verified to raid current content. If you are not a verified member you must wait until an officer is avaliable to verify you. If you raid whilst not being a verified raider you will be disqualified from future raids and potentially removed from the guild for repeat offenders.

    To become a verified member you will need to be max level and have atleast an ilvl of 180. If you don't know what your ilvl is you can download this fantastic addon and find out + alot of other cool classic stats: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/landing.php?s=9331b8961e1adb488dfc947c5a759629&fileid=24060

    You are not allowed to be boosted whilst in the guild, If you are caught running a raid with another person who is higher level than 60 for Vanilla or 70 for TBC, 80 for Wotlk you will be permanently removed from the guild. **This also applies if you decide to raid with people outside of the guild at the same level or above, it is not allowed you will face 1 week raid ban

    Profession Rules

    Professions and trading
    Auction House use is allowed, only selling and buying materials once you reach profession cap i.e 450 BS/Mining
    You may only level a profession to the maximum allowed at that expansion. (450 at Level 80)
    Profession items are all fine to be used, as long as they hail within the expansion we're currently playing at.
    Please do not travel to Cataclysm Zones to complete 425-450 Profession skills, this is not allowed find the right route to 450 through normal patterns in Northrend

    Trading may only be done within the guild, with other members!
    -- In short: you only use items found by yourself or within the guild


    Q: Are you going to be progressing past Wrath into Cataclysm
    A: watch this space
    Q: How long till you raid Wotlk
    A: Its Live
    Q: Can I use Heirlooms in current level raids?
    A: No
    Q: Can I need on all loot for my class?
    A: Pick one spec before you do raiding and stick to it
    Q: What are the loot rules?
    A: Group Loot
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    Sounds like fun. Good luck!!

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