So is 58/59 not the logical choice


How exactly does Chromie time + Warmode work together folks?

If i make a lv58 and keep it perma in Chromie time, if I then enable Warmode, am i kept seperate from lv70s? as they arent on the Chromie time mirror/shard/servers whatever you wana call them.

Would this give me full reign to cause utter chaos?

Also given the latest gear chances, u can make some pretty nifty setups, with TBC socket gear scaling all the way to lv58 etc, Ilvl 186 is lv58 blues +3 sockets of SL gems, I fear turning 59 in case u can no longer switch around in Chromie time, as i think in SL, once u hit 48, and left Chromie u couldnt get back in!

Could this be the next fun for us? especially if we premade 5 man 58s to farm the gear etc
Buckle up for some inconsistencies and headache if you’re trying to understand this.

afaik, all classic - legion zones yes you will be separate from anyone not in chromie time

BFA zones consolidate all chromie time regardless of eligibility so you will see high levels.

SL I’m not familiar enough with but I want to say that I’ve seen 60+ whilst in chrome time so I think it follows the same rules.

here’s the catch: ain’t nobody plays on chrome + war mode. You’ll spend hours just trying to find a single target.
Would this give me full reign to cause utter chaos?
The only people who play in chromie + warmode are mat farmers looking for a low populated shard to farm mats with the least competition possible.

so if by "cause utter chaos" you mean "spend an hour or so looking desperately for another player, hoping they arent on your faction just so you can spawn camp someones gathering alt for a few kills before they just log to a different toon to wait you out" then sure. I guess you could.
Back around the middle to end of SL. I had a great time spending 10-12 hrs a day afk farming grenade mats in borran tundra.

chromie time + warmode.

I might have saw maybe 1 person per day. And usually they were mat farmers flying far overhead.

but maybe once a week you’d get the clueless leveler who stumbled into my domain ;)

but yeah. You’re never going to find people in that phase.
Can’t farm levellers in BG now so you trying the avoid the max levels in open world while beating on questers.

That being said maybe you have some success in the special flagged pvp zones, like timeless isle with the censor thing to make alli and horde hostile, does that work in wm off?

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