Selling Bloody Coin Achievements EU Alliance (no acc share) Get 2k Coins in 90 mins

Discussion in 'The Auction House' started by Razzerz, Jun 23, 2014.

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    Hello everyone

    I am here to offer a service for any number of bloody coins you may wish to have.

    500 Coins = €10
    1000 Coins = €20
    1500 Coins = €30
    2000 Coins = €40

    Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast - Item - World of Warcraft - €10 Euros

    Fire-Watcher - Achievement - World of Warcraft Title = €40 Euros

    You can go from 0 - 2000 Coins in less than 90 Minutes, you are not required to share your account you do it all yourself.

    How we trade:
    Paypal Payment
    Credit Card Payment
    or an Offer of Gold (Outland Alliance Only Don't ask about other servers because the Answer is NO)

    I will go first unless you are a trusted trader on this site with 5 or more Feedbacks in the like myself.

    Refunds : No Refunds under any circumstances.

    Skype : Kiwifruit-95 (Ben) Seoul, Korea.
    Private Message : Twinkinfo.

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