EU+US Scummy things twinks do?

Discussion in 'Level 20-29' started by Neon, Feb 9, 2019.

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  1. Neon

    Neon Grandfathered

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    What are things twinks do that make you facepalm deem them bad.

    For me its when i see boards, bombs, speedpots,etc.

    What about you.
  2. ohti

    ohti Hvnter

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    saltwater potion
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  3. Yapah

    Yapah Grandfathered

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    Escessive use of consumables in general, though boards are scummy on a whole new level
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  4. Yayo

    Yayo Grandfathered

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    Boards primarily, which have gotten worse the last few nights.
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  5. Lloran

    Lloran Member

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    Preface: I've only been playing low level BGs as a twink Alliance Warrior.

    I have no problem abusing consumables in battlegrounds. However, I don't go insane with them because, past a certain point, they're really not going to help THAT much. If I'm a twink on a team of f2pers in WSG, using one speed potion isn't going to help if the rest of the team can't kill the EFC. Aside from engineering items, like Portable Bronze Mortar or Discombobulator Ray, I don't use too much, otherwise. In the 10-19 bracket, I used Goblin Gliders to reach the mines at the start of Arathi Basin, because if I didn't, the other team would, and we would be at a severe disadvantage. Similarly, I was playing WSG in the 20-29 bracket today on a team of f2pers (I was the only 29 twink), where my team was surprisingly competent in killing EFCs, but not in protecting or healing me, so I used Free Action Potions to help carry the flag. In a bracket where my class is at a disadvantage, due to a lack of crowd control or means of dealing with crowd control, I have absolutely no problem using consumables within the rules, to level the playing field.

    That said, I would never hack or outright cheat, of course. In one match of WSG, I was plunged into a losing 0-2 battle. The team was getting heavily corpse camped at the graveyard. One of the guys messaged me, saying that they had a Warrior using a cheat mod, but didn't elaborate on what or how it was doing. All I could see was that he had over 2500 health, when my 29 twink was just under 2000. I don't know if that was specifically what he was doing, or if the teammate was just making it up. Do you know about any new cheat mod going around in PvP?
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  6. icehawk

    icehawk The Beast Within

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    I don’t see anything wrong with my Huntard using his ability, Aspect of the Speedpot?
    Blizzard took away my Cheetah, so I need a work around to keep up with them 29’s :p

    Only thing that really gets my goat is when a team of twinks GY farms. They somehow feel that hammering an undergeared, quite often poor group of levellers makes u big. :eek:
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  7. Ramdrive

    Ramdrive Member

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    I have no problem with the use of consumables. Much of the fun of playing a twink comes from taking advantage of every conceivable advantage within the rules the game allows. Losing a 1 on 1 in a match to another twink because they used consumables and I didn't is annoying but happens so rarely the thing to do is just suck it up and move on. Use of consumables in duels is a different story.

    Bad behavior I define as using exploits, trash talking excessively or engaging in general douchebaggery. GY camping can be argued either way but those kills provide honor and HKs and its human nature to want to pay the opposing faction back for being GY camped yourself. WSG GY camping back in the pre-timer days crossed a line if they went on too long. (note I said 'they' not us lol)
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  8. Taki

    Taki Best 19 Warlock in the World

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  9. Goesid

    Goesid Immortal Twink Fancy Pants

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    Play 29s I guess. People using hero or any other consumable except maybe glider, still on the fence about them.
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  10. Kbluie

    Kbluie Member

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    The whole point of a twink is to be the best with what is available to you, it blows my mind to see someone even suggest otherwise. This is probably part of the reason I see more people complaining about the other team instead of trying to get better (by gear/skill). My reaction to a massive ass whoopin was "Man I gotta see what I can do to not be so easy."

    Graveyard camping is what I don't care for, ruins the community in my opinion, if I'm on a team that could do that I stand back and only fight when attacked or remove gear.
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  11. Bethdachef

    Bethdachef Grandfathered

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    GY camping is the lowest form of fuckwittery that a lot of twinks in the EU bracket partake in. Not all, but a lot.

    It's distasteful, immature and petty getting flamed with emotes and yells from opposing twinks, but it's part of the game.

    Leaving a BG because you don't like the challenge you are faced with. Suck it up and take the loss you little bitches.

    Premades in random BGs are pretty fucking gimpy too, twinks are already OP, but a 5 man team with top DPS and heals is overkill and I don't know how people can find that fun, unless of course you find all of the above fun, then you're a sad fucker in my eyes. Thankfully there are only a few EU "groups" that do all of the above. You know who you are you cunts.

    No issues with glitched enchants, bombs, boards and consumables of any kind, it's behaviour I have a problem with.
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  12. OP

    Neon Grandfathered

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    Its different when a f2p uses them compared to a 29 sader swapping warrior not same thing.
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    No boards are bad mmkay.
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  13. The Saint

    The Saint I won't like you

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    Do speed pots go slower at 20 then :rolleyes:

    OT; Premading vs pugs
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  14. OP

    Neon Grandfathered

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    If your a pure f2p with no enchants idc what you do.
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 9, 2019, Original Post Date: Feb 9, 2019 ---
    However if your vet or 29 speedpotting to carry games i consider you trash.
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  15. The Saint

    The Saint I won't like you

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    No one cares if you did care... Shocking I know
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  16. OP

    Neon Grandfathered

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    I guess i cant voice my opinion without being trolled. Good day asswipe.
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  17. Goesid

    Goesid Immortal Twink Fancy Pants

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    It's not so much the speed but what it carries. Would you rather be hit by a train going 50 mph or a pillow at 50 mph?
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  18. Taki

    Taki Best 19 Warlock in the World

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    In the context used it should be "You're" so does that make you trash as well? JK :D
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  19. Allybeboba

    Allybeboba Grandfathered

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    AFKing at the first sign of a loss. BTW, this ailment isn’t in the lower brackets exclusively in the lower brackets. It is HORRIBLE at end game. I have been in many AVs this coach where we have had 30+ people come and go because it wasn’t a seemingly ‘instant’ win.
    I have long agreed that the deserter buff should be account wide.
    All AFKing does during a BG does is temporarily put the team you were on at a disadvantage and it serves to put the person enter the game at a disadvantage since they entered a game that was already started. Who wants to wait 10 minutes to get into a game that is already half finished?
    The deserter buff should be account wide.

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  20. The Saint

    The Saint I won't like you

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    All I was doing was voicing my opinion... Conflicts with yours = troll.

    Have a nice day Susan
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