EU+US RNG-type Azerite Trait Proc Chance

Discussion in 'Level 110-119' started by KyleF1sher9, Feb 9, 2019.

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    Hi, so I've got a couple twinks at 110 now and I have figured out the exact traits I like to use for my DH. I'm struggling to figure out what I'd like to run on my Lock for the 300 iLvl pieces.

    I was considering running x3 Flashpoint for a lot of haste gain reliably. Then I was kind of curious about stacking Tradewinds, Retaliatory, and or Incite the Pack. So I was curious if anyone had any input on how well/often they proc or if it'd be OP to stack x2 or x3 of one of those traits for insane burst or something. Thoughts? Any help is appreciated! :)
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    Note: I wrote this before I read your entire post (Didn't see you already had decent 110s), but just in case someone else reading could use the info with the original context I decided to post it anyway.

    Don't stress too much if you can't get all you need on your ilvl300s.

    Tradewinds has a pretty solid uptime, as does Wondering Soul. If you can get ANY TW I would run it, but it's certainly not the be all end all trait. If you Mastery affects all your outgoing damage (Marks Hunters, for example), TW certainly is amazing as it allows you to humour any playstyle. If it only affects a portion (Assassination Rogues, for example) of your damage it could be better to look into other traits.

    I've found a lot of success with Mastery stacking, even with only 1 available TW on my Hunter, and 2 on my Rogue, but I have had more fun and just as much success with other setups. Sometimes I play my Hunter Surv with massive Mastery, Versatility and defensive traits and trinkets. Her self heals typically outdo any non-twink actual healer (15/17 of that set is on her armoury in the sig).

    Check out your classes available Leggos too, as a truly twinked out combo could be hiding behind some 285 pieces, a leggo and a trink.

    TL:DR: Secondary Stat Azerite Traits = Tier 1, but Tier 2 Traits + Alcohol = YEET

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