Rings and Necks (Primary vs Secondary stat weights)


So I recently got a warforged ring for WoD

Bloodthorn Band (no upgrade) | Link
item level 87
+7 agility
+11 stamina
+8 versatility
+6 Mastery

and can replace either

Charged Gear (+1 upgrade) | Link
Item level 61
7 Stamina
11 Crit
14 Haste

Gem Slot: +2 Agility and +2 Stamina


Agamaggan's Clutch (+1 upgrade) | Link
Item Level 61
+7 Stamina
+16 Crit
+9 Haste

Gem Slot: +2 agility and +2 stamina


I have no idea if it would be worth it to replace either piece. Is there a program to help with this decision for primary vs secondary stat weights?

Any help would be very appreciated!


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BGs aren’t really a thing these days. But keep in mind that when scaled up to 29 in a BG those secondary stats weigh a whole lot less and your rating will go down significantly.

I’m sure there’s some big brain ideas and builds out there that could argue for certain full versa/ mastery secondary rings without main stat (non WOD)

But in 95% of cases I believe you are better off going 2x epic WOD rings and epic WOD neck. Especially if you run enough for shadowlands gems sockets.


Go for WOD rings IF you have/want them with socket slot: remember you get extra life regen and speed per SL gem socketed into your gear, and since only SOME slots can actually get socket (that is if you were freaking unlucky and didnt get any TBC quest item with sockets to proc epic) they are more valuable than any other blue rings with only secondary stats. Honestly at this point the blue ones are only good to hit some breakpoints for your spec/class or are just a pre-bis placeholder so you dont have empty slots.
Edit: In you case, and only this case, blue ones are better, BECAUSE the epic one has versatility and mastery. Versa is the worst stat to gain rating per point amd mastery is not a great or desirable stat to stack on a rogue. Also the blue ones have socket so you get a bit of main stat as well.
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