Remix Forum post?


Imo, let's construct a shared / public google doc (link here)(probably don't use a dox email) and construct a forum post to be sent into Pandaria: Remix Forum.
(will need to be someone else, please if anyone wants to raise your hand)

Blizzard needs a new player onboarding system.
Microsoft is taking the keys at the moment, and I imagine Remix something they influenced. And I bet they are watching the forums.
+ I bet there is already 20 twinking forums as well, focused on power levelling - as its something spread through the YouTube community.

New players need to experience a smooth onboarding - with balanced characters and gameplay. They should set the current 20 expansions forever and leave it, make a free bracket.
Market it to kids.

Also make the option for subbed accounts to create free characters, and IMO a selfmade twink market - no access to mail or AH unless its also 20 selfmade (free)

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