PvpForTacos Looking For a Farming Group for 30-39


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Greetings and Salutations,

I am New to XpOff And would Like to introduce myself. My Name Is Kevin I've been playing wow since 2008 Burning Crusades is where I was introduced to WOW. I really did not start pvping till WoD where I played as A Boomy and made it to 1800 rbg rating. I am not as skilled as most of you are but I sure do Try like heck. I have a lot of fun in the Battle grounds and want to be the best I can. Mages are easy mode for me I seem to be able to do best with non melee also Aff Locks are pretty neat too. The reasoning behind me joining xpoff was to meet and make friends in battle grounds. I want to make a seperate account to f2p also a 30-39 twink on my main account. I admit I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I am teachable. Someone please adopt me into their group I am super low key and well behaved. Well that's about it and if it matters I am 51 years old so less buttons to push are why I play mages! Thank You for your time and Letting me have fun along side you all In wow. I can play horde or alliance either is fine by me I would like to play 2 sides to help balance it out that's my only reasoning. Well here's to the Great matches ahead Thanks Again. Your Friend PvpForTacos :)

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