Profession Info for 19s


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I put together the useful information, again!
  • As 19s we can get up to 225 skill in gathering professions, 150 in crafting professions, 225 in First Aid, Max Fishing and Max Cooking.
  • Gathering professions now give stat boosts as passives!
  • As usual, use for any info on how to level up any of the professions you're interested in.
Your main profession progression would go as follows:
  • Herbalism: BiS Do not drop, Lifeblood is OP
  • Engineering (150) for goggles and recombobulators until you get your Lucky Fishing Hat, then you want to level Mining through smelting or Skinning
    • You don't HAVE to drop engineering if you use recombobulators heavily or enjoy using bombs in pugs, generally they're banned in Wargames

Primary Professions


Secondary Professions

First Aid

Generally unused as a minimum fishing skill isnt required to catch a Keefer anymore and cooking doesn't really get anything for this level
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