Priest Build - Stalagg (Horde)

Discussion in '19s (Vanilla)' started by Zolnierz, Dec 28, 2019.

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  1. Zolnierz

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    Starting my priest on Stalagg. I played 19s through various expansions starting with TBC. I also played a descent amount of F2P. Needless to say I’m very excited to get back to the 19 bracket after not playing wow at all for a few years.

    I do have a few questions. In regards to weapons and enchants. Is Staff of the Blessed Seer with Healing Power the main weapon? Eventually I’ll add Staff of the friar with spirit and twisted chanter with intellect. Is healing power the best enchant to get or would I be better of with spell power? Plan to have a pretty standard build and hope to meet others on my server. I see others playing 19 bracket on Stalagg but I didn’t see a guild listed on this site for my server. I hope to find one soon.

    Green Tinted (100hp)
    Scouts Medallion
    Talbar Mantle
    Engineers Cloak/maybe battle healer’s? (+10 Shadow Resistance)
    Tree Bark (100hp)
    Mind Thrust (9 stamina)
    Keller’s Girdle
    Dark weave Breeches (100hp)
    Sanguine Sandals (Minor Speed)
    Seal of Sylvanas
    Advisors Ring? (Not sure for ring 2)
    Insignia of the Horde
    Minor Recombobulator

    Staff of the Blessed Seer (55 healing)
    Gravestone Sceptor
  2. Justfine2

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    You should check out the level 19 Priest guide located here! Seems like you are on the right path. Would recommend getting multiple weapons as mentioned in section four of the guide.
  3. Vanessá

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    If you're looking to win 1v1's i'd suggest you go 150+ mana librams and 22int 1 hand + pouch when it's out, not even hunter's can touch a 2200mana priest.
  4. Clapstrikes

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