EU+US Pitted Defias Shortsword available again (GFd lvl 1 wep)

Discussion in 'Level 1-9' started by linker, Dec 15, 2018.

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  1. linker

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    Yesterday, while mind-controlling some Defias to fight other Defias I found a chest in Elwynn forest, in Mirror lake

    I couldn't believe my eyes, got the lvl 60 version of Red Defias Mask, a cooking recipe, some war resources and... ¬°Pitted Defias Shortsword!->


    Last time we saw the sword was in Wotlk, and now, we can get one per 110+ character (lvl 110 required :c, tried it with my LoT)

    So, if you collect lvl 1 items, don't forget your awesomeness sword ^^, it's 100% guaranteed per character.
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  2. ohti

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    I myself came across this on a level 20 and was immediately intrigued, flew my 110 right over and looted the chest. I must've not payed any mind to the sword because I don't know much about level 1s.

    good catch ima have to go see if I kept mine :eek:
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