Patch 8.1.5 Hotfixes - April 17, Patch 8.2 PTR - Pathfinder Part 2 & Waterwalking

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    Patch 8.1.5 Hotfixes - April 17th, 2019
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker
    Dungeons and Raids

    Player versus Player
    • Resolved an issue that prevented the maximum score from being displayed in Arathi Blizzard.

    Patch 8.2 PTR - Pathfinder Part Two Requirements
    With the 8.2 PTR we get our first look at the achievement requirements for Battle for Azeorth Pathfinder, Part Two - which will unlock flying!


    In addition to completing Battle for Azeroth, Pathfinder Part 1, which can currently be completed on live servers, players will need to reach revered reputation status with two new factions: The Unshackled (H) / The Akoan (A) and the Rustbolt Resistance.

    Players that unlock flying will also receive the Wonderwing 2.0 mount!


    Patch 8.2 PTR - Anglers' Water Striders
    For those of you who own a water strider mount, you will receive an Anglers' Water Striders from Nat Pagle in the mail upon logging in after Patch 8.2 goes live.

    • This new mount equipment can be slotted into your mount equipment slot to let all your mounts walk on water.
    • Your water strider will no longer be able to walk on water without this slotted.
    • This item is consumed when you replace it with a new piece of equipment in the mount equipment slot and needs to be purchased and slotted again to gain the effect.
    • If you own a water strider, you can head to The Anglers in Krasarang Wilds and purchase a new one from Nat Pagle for 40 gold.
    • Currently, there is no option to purchase this from Nat Pagle in your garrison.

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