Official Classic 29's Discord (US)


Hey guys! I did some thorough searching on xpoff for an official classic 29's discord and couldn't find anything.

The 29 bracket seems to be, simultaneously, one of the most popular brackets, AND one of the least talked about. I'm hoping this discord helps bridge the gap between different parts of the community so we can really get things going.

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As much as I'm aware, the most used twink classic discord is this one; (removed link - expired)

They gather all the twink community with having subs channel for each bracket (aswell for 29s). Think y'all should stick with that one rather than making a bunch of them
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What Powerlol said. There's an established Classic Twinks discord. Not to take away from the one OP posted, just informing.

Posting the link to it because I believe the one above expired: (removed link - expired)
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